Big Horn Mountains

From the peaks of the majestic Big Horn Mountains to the depths of breath-taking Bighorn Canyon, from the softly winding scenic by-ways through the Bighorn National Forest to the delicately trod upon wildlife trails in the foothills, Big Horn Mountain Country is an uncrowded year-round paradise enjoyed by the visitors and area residents alike. This four-county area encompasses 12,252 square miles of vast open spaces and rugged beauty. Lying in the center of this region are the spectacular Bighorn Mountains, so named after the great numbers of bighorn sheep found in the area.

Steep canyon entryways and high walls lead to a sky-high realm of forests and meadows, with remarkable scenic beauty and historic roots.

Most of the Big Horn Mountain Country is public land, under the management of the Bighorn National Forest and the Bureau of Land Management. Here, the combination of outdoor recreation, wildlife, scenery, wood, water and forage resources create a multiple use retreat where unlimited adventures await the visitor.

The area boasts many developed recreation sites which include camping areas, scenic areas, hiking rails and spectacular canyons.

A paradise for rock hounds, archaeologists and historians, Big Horn Mountain Country also features many geologic formations and interpretive signs explain historic attractions.

Numerous area streams and lakes provide outstanding fishing opportunities for the angler, while the large open spaces, gentle slope of the land and abundance of snow in the winter supply some of Wyoming’s best snowmobiling and cross-country skiing.

Large herds of deer and elk live in Big Horn Mountain Country, along with many other wildlife species, including moose, bighorn sheep, waterfowl and upland game birds. These animals provide a multitude of photo opportunities and excellent hunting in season. Backcountry roads and trails provide access to these areas.

The 189,000-acre Cloud Peak Wilderness Area is located within the Bighorn National Forest boundaries. The entire area lies at elevations above 8,500 feet and travel is by foot or horseback only.

Cattle and sheep grazing among the wildflowers are not an uncommon sight in the Bighorns where many acres of grazing land exist. Under a permit system, ranchers pay to use the rangelands for grazing purposes. In the spring and fall, visitors to the area can see cattle and sheep being moved to and from the mountains, a most unique Wyoming sight. Timber harvesting, part of planned timber management, plays an important part in maintaining the overall health of the forest.

Big Horn Mountain Country has something for everyone — whether you’re an outdoor recreanist, sightseer, traveler or merely wish to kick back and relax.

The breathtaking terrain and foliage, pristine air and unspoiled mountain beauty of the Bighorns beckon those who whish to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Big Horn Mountain Country Wyoming not only offers spectacular views of picturesque landscape but also provides numerous opportunities to explore some of frontier America’s most colorful and captivating history. Intriguing archaeological sites and fascinating historical events surround the scenic Bighorn Mountains, creating an aura of mystery which few can resist.

There is no place in the world like it–come and experience Big Horn Mountain Country for yourself!


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Explore the Big Horns!